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Oh my God this is the best online service I have ever encounter before. they call it fast
- rokia,san francisco

Hello good day !I want to thank for your professional services, I am so pleased with the way you arrange this tramit, the time, the comunication, the response and the result have been so great ! I will recomend you so much ! you deserve it best regards !

Am an African...and traveling to other countries can be very challenging..but i had luck in traveling to few countries in the world..and most recently i decide to take a trip to Dubai. i went from one travel agent to the other but they will take a look at me and my nationality and say no they can not help me..it was frustrating....so a friend advised me to use the airlines in securing a visa to Dubai...and i tell you not any nationality can use the service of emirates apparently (i have my reasons from experience) even though i had booked my full flight with them to Dubai... any way my time of leaving to Dubai was just in 2 days(with emirates) and i had limited options...so i came on the net and went from website to website till i came to Dubai visa service..i read reviews and everything about them and decided to give my all in on them.i filled out their forms and within minutes i got an email from them asking me for additional information, which i quickly gave..if you are reading the reviews on this page you know what am about to say is perfectly true...with 22 hours Dubai visa service had my visa issued and i was able to make it to Dubai with out a fletch...and trust me that is hard especially because of my nationality.Noourullah Mahmood and the whole team working with him are the BEST i have come to know..their customer services is more than and beyond any customer services you might know...they answer your emails, give your texts, and even calls if they need to just for you to have a well pleased service. i could write a whole book for this website cos they helped me not once but twice in securing a visa to Dubai at my desperate needs. God bless you all there for the good work and i will make sure a lot of people hear about your services.
- Olando Hisham,Dubai

Thank you
- Olando Hisham,Dubai

amazing service . fastest visa provider
- karan ghotra,yamuna nagar

It was a very quick turn around. Awesome.. Thank you!!
- JOSEPH,Belmont United States

Dear Sir This has been a great effort on your behalf, which I really appreciate very much. Receive my most sincere gratitude for your invaluable support and help! Have a nice weekend. Kind Regards, María Elena
- María Elena Macías ,MAX

Can I trust the online Visa services to Dubai? So, I made it into Dubai without a hitch, I used https://www.dubaivisaservice.com/ to obtain my visa, took 3 days, very quick and easy transaction, when I arrived at the airport there is some iris scan prior to passport control, HUGE line up but was told I didn’t need to do a scan I went straight up to passport control. Long lineup there too, took about an hour there too and had no troubles to pass through, they stamped my passport and that was it :) hope this info helps, basically these travel agents sponsor you as a tourist, and the service I used is cheaper than the emirates embassy in Ottawa is because https://www.dubaivisaservice.com/ get their visas issued directly from Dubai immigration, so they can offer it for less and much quicker.
- Zeemerman,misissuaga

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