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Frequently asked questions Dubai Visa Service online

Dubai visa service
Frequently Asked Questions

You can Travel with any Airline company

Q.Why You Should Choose Dubai visa service to process your visa application

-You can travel with Any Airlines You chose To Fly.
-Wide Choice for You to Stay – Hotels, Service apartments, Relatives, Friends etc.
-Quick Processing & Turnaround time
-No Deposit money required

Q. How long does it take to process my visa application.
A. UAE Immigration is open Sunday - Thursday. Normal processing time will be 2-3 UAE business day

Q. Is visa processing fees refundable.
A. No, If your application is refused the fees will not be refunded and a copy of refused letter will be provided to the client.

Q. What would be visa validity to enter the U.A.E.
A. Validity to enter the UAE will be 30 days from the date of issue.

Q. How many types of visas does Dubai Visa Services provide.
A. We provide only 1 entry visas valid for 30 days, and Emergency visa services.

Q. What happens when my visa is issued.
A. Once your visa is issued, The Electronic visa will be available online for printing and also we forward it to your email address provided on the file.

Q. How to pay the fees.
A. You can pay either by credit card, certified check or cash.

Q. Can I extend my visa once I am in UAE.
A. 30 days visa can not be extended.

Q. Is UAE visa stamped in the passport.
A. UAE visa will be issued electronically and saved in computer system. Therefore, you need to take a print out of the electronic visa confirmation sent to you by email. Upon arrival in UAE you must proceed to eye scan desk before proceeding to immigration desk.

Q. Is Dubai the capital city of UAE?
A. Abu Dhabi is the capital city and the largest of all the emirates (states) in the UAE. Dubai though is more famous due to its iconic structures and ever growing tourism industry.

Q. Is Dubai safe for tourists?
A. Dubai is often reputed as a safe destination for an enjoyable holiday in the Middle East. Thanks to its stringent laws and crime-free environment.

Q. Is it mandatory to have a visa to enter Dubai?
A. This depends on your nationality. For instance, visitors from GCC nations including Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar do not require visa. Likewise, people traveling from certain countries like Australia, Austria, United States of America, and UK, among others, are eligible for visa on arrival.

Q. What is the currency of UAE?
A. The local currency of UAE is AED (Arab Emirates Dirhams) that is also simply referred to as Dhs (Dirhams).

Q. Where could I exchange foreign currency?
A. With a number of money exchange counters dotted across the malls, shopping centers and banks. It is not at all a tedious task to exchange currency in Dubai. Moreover, most banks and ATMs accept credit cards.

Q. What is the religion of Dubai?
A. Islamic traditions are followed in Dubai as well as other emirates of the country. That said, Dubai is tolerant to other religions.

Q. How about the weather condition in Dubai?
A. Due its location in Arabian Desert, Dubai is usually characterized by hot, humid climate for most part of the year. During summer months, the temperature can go up to 40 to 45 degree Celsius. Alternatively, the winter that runs from November to April is pleasant, refreshing, and salubrious as temperature drops down to 25 degree Celsius or even less, especially in December – January months

Q. Is it allowable to consume alcohol in Dubai?
A. Dubai’s law strictly forbids the intake of alcohol in public spaces and while driving. However, alcohol consumption is permitted in bars attached to hotels, clubs, restaurants, and private functions.

Q. What is Dubai’s time zone?
A. The time zone of Dubai is GMT/UTC +4 hours.

Q. How to get around in Dubai?
A. Public transport means, managed by the RTA (Roads & Transport Authority), is perhaps the best way to move around in Dubai. These include public buses with inter-emirate services, taxis, and metro rail network comprising red and green lines

Things to know about Ok to Board

in order to be consented for travel, some airlines necessitate passengers, especially traveling from countries in Asian Subcontinent, to have an ‘Ok to Board’ approval. This is mainly mandatory for travelers visiting Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, and whose visa being issued as well as sponsored in the UAE.

These FAQs by www.dubaivisaservice.com will precisely clear all your concerns and queries on Ok to Board. Not only these, we’ll take this a step further by offering you cost-effective services to help you obtain Ok to Board without any hassle.

1. What actually is Ok to Board? 
Ok to Board – abbreviated as OTB – simply denotes a minor check conducted by your airline service provider to ensure that you carry all travel essentials for your visit to the UAE, such as visa, passport, and return ticket. Al though it has nothing to do with immigration procedures or approval of your visa, failing to procure an OTB may sometimes encumber your travel to the UAE, as some airlines refuse to board passengers who do not have their PNR stamped with OTB message.

2. What is the main purpose behind the getting of Ok to Board? 
Your airline mandates you to update OTB message on PNR primarily to confirm the legitimacy of your visa as well as other relevant travel documents, thereby eliminating the chances of travelers making entry to the country with a forged visa and subsequently getting deported by the UAE immigration.

3. What are the procedures to obtain Ok to Board? 
Once your UAE visa is approved, your sponsor should send a copy of your valid visa and airline ticket to the airline office. They will verify all relevant details and accordingly update OTB message on your airline PNR. When you apply your visa  www.dubaivisaservice.com can take care of this procedure for you. But we’ll require you to forward us the copy of your return flight ticket. Please refer to our visa terms and conditions for further details.

4. Should I apply for Ok to Board within any prescribed time limit? 
While this depends on the terms and conditions of airline you choose to fly with, we advise you to forward all documents relevant for the updating of OTB at least three days before your prospective travel date. This will give sufficient time for your airline service provider to update OTB in your PNR.

5. How will I know if my OTB is updated or not? 
At most, your airline would electronically update it in your PNR. You can also directly call your respective airline to know about your OTB status. Alternatively, if it is done through www.dubaivisaservice.com, our visa consultants assure to update you about this at least 48 hours before your intended travel.

6. What if my OTB status is not updated? 
In such circumstances, your airline has the complete right to disapprove your boarding. To resolve this issue at the earliest, don’t delay to get in touch with our experts.

Our service is to provide visa for UAE on a quick and easy way (without seeking for local sponsor in UAE and without security deposit to immigration), with minimal documents (copy of passport, and resident card).

Our office service fee is $50 USD on the top of visa fee for each visa .

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